Yellowfin Tuna Loin

Cantaloupe melon gazpacho, seaweed and tomato iced tea, coconut oil, compressed watermelon – $16

Octopus, conch, and mussels escabeche

50-year-old sherry vinegar, garlic chips, carrot and bay leaf juice, carrot powder, fennel – $14

Marinated heirloom tomato

Don Bocarte anchovies, boquerones, orange peel, dried olives and capers, Oleumviride – $14

Piquillo pepper carpaccio and prawns

MDill honey, flowers, boletus oil, smoked Maldon salt, chives – $15

Foie gras truffle

Wild Mushrooms confit, Apples and Onion Soup– $17


Octopus confit in olive oil

Smoked sweet chili paprika, yucca and miso purée, leek confit, fried chickpea – $16

Local hogfish with razor clam and Madeira green sauce

PRoasted garlic cloves, salted asparagus and Berza chips – $16

Lobster fabada with fresh white beans

Basque sausage, crunchy blood sausage, pine nuts – $18

Arroz Caldoso

Prawns, razor clams, crab, mussels, saffron, hazelnuts – $18

Squid ink Fideua

Cuttlefish, shrimp, freshly grated tomato, crustacean allioli, asparagus – $16


Roasted suckling pig

Pickled vegetables, pumpkin and lavender puree, mushrooms, Pedro Xímenez reduction – $17

Stuffed Quail with plantains, prunes and butifarra sausage

Pajuil and ketembilla sauce – $16

Guinea hen with lentils

Truffle broth, egg cooked at low temperature, noisette potatoes – $15

Extra Brut Bomba Rice

Lobster, Jerusalem artichokes, acorn fed Iberian ham, quail – $19

Rabbit ¨arroz meloso¨ Rice

Pig feet, sausage, fresh beans – $16


Oxtail stuffed with pig’s feet

Boulangère potatoes, glazed carrots, Tempranillo sauce – $15

Veal cheeks

hazelnut béarnaise sauce, celery root pureé and Savoy cabbage – $15

Margari Lamb

Kataifi, burnt yogurt, almonds, root vegetables – $15

Duck breast and duck confit cannelloni

White sweet potatoes, shiitake, oranjelo and sherry sauce – $16

Dry aged Entrecote 4oz

Macaroni ragout, foie gras and truffles – $19


Galician Almond Tart

Almond tart, sage and lemon sauce, parsley gel, lemon agar, marcona almond, starfruit sorbet, dehydrated carame – $12


Brioche dipped in vanilla crème anglaise brulée. Piquillo sauce, rose water meringue and pistachio, saffron ice cream – $12

Manchego Cheese Tart

Burnt caramel cream, sherry reduction. Apples in syrup and sherry, crunchy ginger – $12


Cheeses, preserves and nuts – $12